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Tryckt välkomnar Förenta staterna vidta de tidiga våren Medley

Le 2 September 2015, 05:28 dans Humeurs 0

Även om New York Fashion Week i början till slutet i snön snöstorm, men street mode människor fortfarande låt oss känna doften av våren, färska utskrifter som gatuljus, ger oss en strimma av hopp i det kalla vädret, vi räknar med verkliga tidigt vårens

Bloggare Abby Klein klädd i en svart motorcykel jacka Zara jacka med Valentino Floral A-linje klänning, fot och fotled Burberry svart höga klackar, hålla en Chanel kuvertväska, Prada solglasögon, Abby berättar att high street och high fashion kan vara en perfekt match tillsammans.

Irina Bass bär en klänning Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta utanför rida en svart päls, fot Charlotte Olympia scarlet mocka högklackade skor, röda högklackade skor dekorerade med en fräsch och elegant klänning för att lägga till en Jisi retro atmosfär.<a

Let you highlight the taste of asymmetric dress simplicity immediately

Le 31 August 2015, 05:24 dans Humeurs 0

Do not underestimate a simple style asymmetric dress, it absolutely can not be underestimated the degree of funky, seemingly "one-stop" simple collocation, using unique asymmetric design choices can make you immediately highlight the distinctive fashionable taste, low-key and eye-catching. Season, you want to dress to dress simple and rich, in respect consider choosing asymmetric shoulder collar or skirt design, or asymmetric flounced details or color stitching, because these are the fashion connoisseurs are used to convey personalized killer.

Marion Cotillard dress with asymmetric demonstration The classic little black dress will always be able to deduce kinds of style, Marion Cotillard chose an asymmetrical simple little black dress, shoulder and skirt cut echoes, showing quite feminine personality edge. Dress is a simple black printing stitching bring a little bit of fresh and playful, if you are concerned with the skill is not enough, choose black chain bag and pointed high-heeled shoes, it is a wise

Tatiana Maslany asymmetrical dress with demonstration You want to wear a white dress taste, it really is a demanding both stature and taste test things. However, if you like Tatiana Maslany, the choice of an asymmetrical cut has the effect of minimalist style, it highlights the graceful figure and distinguished taste, it becomes a breeze. You may wish to use the belt to emphasize the waist curve, accessories hue of choice, black and red is always the best partner small white dress.

10 style this winter a single product, "backstroke"

Le 29 August 2015, 05:04 dans Humeurs 0

"Perishable fashion, style forever," those who have been constantly interpreted through the popular single product fade are again in fashion history, the elapsed time of baptism and tests, the final again with a new attitude to return people's attention. Fedora modern neutral soft felt hat, a strong joy of wide leg pants, warm wind and pull knees long coat and so on, we have to praise those beyond the era of avant-garde designers who have the exact boundaries of unique fashion vision, so in the cold winter we can have a lot of style without losing the superior choice.

Oversize Down Down like a fashion taboo, because it always presents wearing body bloated outdated. With the invasion of a Unit may be cold, and then focus on stylish star also put distressing jacket. But this season, Oversize jacket with after careful pondering, actually can lose dressing standards. Recommended to choose a bold unique silhouette, which can catch the printed sweater, or like actress Amanda Seyfried choose a black jacket Oversize asymmetrical front, with bright red wool cap, a type of leisure while retaining American street wind

Wide leg pants: Since the legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel dress of their own design, inspired wide leg pants with polo from the Duke of Westminster and out of society, warmth and joy of wide leg pants gradually began to clothe a woman's thighs. Erbinsimo and pants, looming thighs, with ineffable sexy back this winter. You can ask the same with Coco Chanel menswear-inspired shirt and jacket, of course, can learn supermodel Coco Rocha color wide leg pants and wool coat collision of avant-garde style. Do not forget to put on a pair of high-heeled shoes to add tough texture tall gas field.

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